Demostrator in Barcelona

With 584 of Heliatek’s innovative solar films being installed on undulating rooftops of three Port of Barcelona facility buildings, the BIPV installation proves that lightweight undulating building structures can easily become green electricity generators. The photovoltaic installation, completed in February 2023 and with a capacity of 29.5 kWp, will generate 43.4 MWh per year. The installation will generate ultra-green electricity while reducing the carbon footprint of the fisherman’s dock at the Port of Barcelona.

The innovative BIPV installation is integrated in the new Energy Community of the fisherman’s dock with flexible systems including electrical storage and
demand response..

Collaborators for Barcelona demosite:


Key facts of the project:

Port of Barcelona, Spain


584 HeliaSol solar films


509 m²


February 2023 (installation completion)


29.5 kWp


3 undulating lightweight building rooftops

The following time lapse video shows how fast buildings can be transformed into green energy generators with the innovative solar film HeliaSol.